Samsung RH56J69187F American Fridge Freezer


Samsung RH56J69187F American Fridge Freezer

Samsung’s ‘wow-factor’ American-style fridge freezer, with ‘food showcase’ capabilities
The Samsung RH56J69187F American Refrigeration looks attractively modern, in a sleek, stainless steel finish. The perfect final piece, in fact, to any contemporary kitchen.
Remarkable refrigeration
The 376 litre fridge section is simply exploding with useful refrigeration features; for example, it boasts four shelves, for the bulk of your freestanding fresh goods, with further room on top of the first of the two vegetable crispers, which, themselves, are superb for maintaining the freshness of your fruit and vegetables.
Phenomenal ‘Food Showcase’ feature
Every once in a while we encounter a feature which is so remarkable that it’s challenging to describe it. This is one of those times.
If you open the door, from the top, and look to the right, you’ll find five spacious door racks, for bulky items like gallons of milk, or juice, although, the top shelf is considered ideal for storing small dairy items like cheese or butter.
However, if you pull the door from the bottom, you’ll open just the front panel, and find your favourite products ‘showcased’ for easy access.
Fantastic freezing
Inside the 179 litre freezer you’ll find three shelves, and two drawers, which provide all the space you’ll need for your frozen goods. However, even more room can be found in the door where there three further racks.
This freezer has a frost-free feature, reducing the build-up of ice, and defrosting times, and, also, in an ironic twist, an integrated ice maker, providing ample ice, for refreshing the beverages of you, your friends and your family.
This Samsung American Refrigeration was designed to make your life easier, with its hassle-free features. In addition, it only creates 42 db of noise as well – that’s 18 db less than the average conversation. It also has an energy efficiency rating of A++, making it as friendly on your wallet, as it is on the environment.
With the Samsung RH56J69187F American Refrigeration you get a high end product, offers a substantial 376 litre fridge, and a frost free 179 litre freezer. It also amazes all who open its doors, with its remarkable food showcase feature.

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